A Healthy Chinchilla is a Live Chinchilla

I have come across a lot of facts for taking care of chinchillas. Different websites say different things yes, sometimes they say the same thing but more often than not they don’t. But I don’t want to focus on people drama I want to focus on Chinchilla drama. So I will show you the tips on Chinchilla health care that Chinchilla owners agree about.

1. If all else fails, call the Vet.

–         No, don’t wait for anything to fail it is advisable to go to your vet at least once every year. With a creature as fragile as the Chinchilla, your vet is your best friend.

2. The Chinchillas’ teeth don’t stop growing.

–         You need to keep those teeth from growing too long or else it can stop your Chinchilla from eating. There are a large variety of chew toys as well as wooden sticks and pumice stones.

3. Plastic is a no, no and, a no.

–         Chinchillas LOVE to chew. Putting them in a plastic cage or putting anything plastic in their cage is like putting ten hungry 7 year olds inside a house made of dessert treats.

4. Always watch your Chinchillas poo.

–         The Chinchillas poo is a good way to tell if they’re sick or not.

5. Dust bathing is a good thing.

–         I got 2 out of 3 results that say NOT to bathe your Chinchillas in water, let them have their dust baths. Remember, in the movie Gremlins, the trouble started when they got Gizmo wet.

Well that’s it for now, but before I go here’s an awesome Chinchilla name suggestion: Chinzilla or Godchilla.

Happy holidays!