Things to consider before buying a Chinchilla for a pet

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Chinchilla Origin - Rocky Mountain Range in Chile

Chinchilla Origin - Rocky Mountain Range in Chile

Chinchillas are not only adorable as well as the softest creatures on the planet, they can make wonderful pets, but there are some things you should know before you set down the road of getting a chinchilla. Anytime someone gets a pet, it’s an awesome responsibility, and should not be taken lightly. Why? Because you want to make sure A. it’ll be good for you and B. your home is chinchilla ready! There’s nothing worse than getting an animal, of any kind, and then discovering their habits just don’t mesh with your lifestyle.

So here are some highlights on chinchillas and how they roll, literally…ROLL!

• Slightly larger than ground squirrels and compact in shape with large ears, large darkish eyes, along with a bushy tail
• Chinchillas tend to be skittish but extremely playful amongst themselves which makes for  fun to watch -  great for adults along with adolescents however , may not be for younger kids
• Then tend to be more sensitive, requiring better housing as well as proper care compared to other small pets.
• They are herbivores and need a reduced fat, high fiber diet that’s rich in coarse vegetation to keep ideal wellness
• Chinchillas are night time creatures, lively mainly later in the day and at night, while sleeping throughout the daylight.
• They may be allowed out and about in a chinchilla-safe space or room.
• Chinchillas tend to be  delicate, with vulnerable respiratory and skeletal systems
• When picking them up position one hand below their belly and another under their back side.    
• They are regarded as exotic pets which can make veterinarian care expensive
• Chinchillas can have 2 liters per year    
• Generally they don’t bite, however they might leap out of your hands so be mind full of where you're at.
• Chinchillas really should be housed in a well-ventilated cage which is kept cool and dry since they're very active at night, make sure they have a lot of space; an excellent cage size is definitely 6 ft taller in comparison to the cages width – a large chinchilla cage is better!
• Chinchillas tend to be chewers, they're teeth develop all through their lives, so they really MUST be supplied with safe things to gnaw on. 
• They should not be caged outdoors, their optimum temperature is  a steady 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit    
• Their basic supplies are a water bottle, a non-tip food bowl or hopper, a hayrack, a mineral salt wheel and a chinchilla dust bath bowl. 
• Chinchillas survive typically 8 to 10 years but they can live as much as 20 years 
• They don’t get wet when they bathe but they do roll around, feverishly, in their dust bowls - try not to get  wet due to their fir is so dense it’s hard for them to dry out and can get fur rot.

These furry guys are the best but they do require some work on your part. Make sure your chinchilla cage is set up right and you know all the facts before buying your chinchilla today!

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A Healthy Chinchilla is a Live Chinchilla

I have come across a lot of facts for taking care of chinchillas. Different websites say different things yes, sometimes they say the same thing but more often than not they don’t. But I don’t want to focus on people drama I want to focus on Chinchilla drama. So I will show you the tips on Chinchilla health care that Chinchilla owners agree about.

1. If all else fails, call the Vet.

–         No, don’t wait for anything to fail it is advisable to go to your vet at least once every year. With a creature as fragile as the Chinchilla, your vet is your best friend.

2. The Chinchillas’ teeth don’t stop growing.

–         You need to keep those teeth from growing too long or else it can stop your Chinchilla from eating. There are a large variety of chew toys as well as wooden sticks and pumice stones.

3. Plastic is a no, no and, a no.

–         Chinchillas LOVE to chew. Putting them in a plastic cage or putting anything plastic in their cage is like putting ten hungry 7 year olds inside a house made of dessert treats.

4. Always watch your Chinchillas poo.

–         The Chinchillas poo is a good way to tell if they’re sick or not.

5. Dust bathing is a good thing.

–         I got 2 out of 3 results that say NOT to bathe your Chinchillas in water, let them have their dust baths. Remember, in the movie Gremlins, the trouble started when they got Gizmo wet.

Well that’s it for now, but before I go here’s an awesome Chinchilla name suggestion: Chinzilla or Godchilla.

Happy holidays!