Chinchilla care should include proper grooming

Use the following tips to make sure that your chin always looks and feels its best.

Though grooming as a part of chinchilla care does help your pet to look its best, it is also a very important part of maintaining good overall health.

Grooming helps to reduce the amount of fur being shed and ingested.

Though this doesn’t mean that chinchilla care requires you to groom the animal yourself, it does mean that you will at least need to provide this cute little fuzzy critter with the tools that are required to do it by itself (or with the help of its chin buddy or family member).

Chinchilla care in terms of grooming isn’t very difficult, but it remains vital to good health.

All chins need in terms of basic grooming is about the same as a cat. Like a cat, this type of chinchilla care is primarily self administered, but on occasion, a little help can go a long way.

For example, all chinchillas need to be able to take baths on a regular basis. However, this should never include a drop of water. Instead, they take dust baths. To offer your pet this form of chinchilla care, simply purchase some bath dust from the local pet store (usually made up of ground pumice stone) and pour some into a chin dust bath container, or a flat-sided glass fish bowl of the proper size, lying on its side.

Then, simply give your pet access to this little dusty spa. Your pet will automatically begin to roll in it. It is an instinctive behavior that allows the dust to penetrate into the fur and absorb excess oil, which will then fall away from the chinchilla, leaving it clean.

Never include water as a part of your grooming chinchilla care. The chin’s coat is so thick – with approximately 80 hairs per follicle (when compared to one hair per follicle in humans) – that the water cannot fully dry from it. It leads the fur to start clumping and excessive oil, fungus, mildew, bacteria, and other skin problems can quickly occur.

Proper chin care can also include the occasional combing with a good comb designed for a cat. This will help to avoid mats and release loose hair. Male chins should be watched for hair rings or mats growing around their genital areas. While some may never experience this in their lifetimes, others can get it quite frequently and it can lead to suffering. Regular checking and grooming can easily avoid this.