Large Chinchilla Cages

Large Chinchilla Cage

Medium sized, four level hutch designed for indoor use is quality built to last a lifetime. The versatile design makes it ideal for rabbits, ferrets and chinchillas.

After purchasing this spacious home, I feel that the six level large chinchilla cage provides more than enough room for my two full grown chinchillas. They can now play with one another, risk free, as well as allowing them to jump without restraint to all the levels of their home.


The solid plastic levels aren’t harmful to their feet like the caged flooring can become over periods of time and the levels are easily removed for cleaning purposes. Like all Chins my boy and girl (Onyx and Lola) really can make a mess of the area that surrounds their home, but this six level set up comes equipped for that situation and greatly reduces the amount of bedding that my chinchillas are able to toss out of their home by providing you with a plastic liner that surrounds the lower area of the cage.

Most Chin homes come with one or two doors often making it difficult to clean their home or interact with them without reaching your whole arm in, with this Chin home that comes with three doors I am able to pull out all the inner components for cleaning and reach in without causing them to panic or straining my arm.

All in all this is a excellent home for any chinchilla and its large enough for two Chins to live in harmony with each other granting them the freedom they need to jump and play their nights away. My last Chin home was only four levels and they weren’t interconnected like they are with the six levels home not to mention that the price is great. I feel like I had wasted the money that I had invested in my former Chin home ($250.00) because they weren’t nearly as happy as they now are with their six story mansion that I am proud to call their new six level home ($199.99).

Silver Mosaic Chin

You're Little Guy will Love This New Home!

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