Pet chinchillas make children smarter

childrens petsKids who care for animals perform better at school.

Children have long believed that owning a pet makes them more responsible and caring, and now a report has shown that this is not only true, but that those with pet chinchillas perform better than the rest!

Seventy nine percent of kids aged 5 to 16 with pets feel that they do better on their homework.

Newly released research has shown that it is actually very beneficial for kids to own and care for animals, and that those with pet chinchillas reap the highest rewards. It showed that though parents were concerned that the pets might take attention away from homework, it actually provided motivation, instead.

Fifty five percent of kids who have pet chinchillas say they feel more intelligent.

The report was based on the results of a survey that included the participation of 1,000 children between the ages of 5 and 16, each of whom owned pets. It showed that the large majority of them felt that their furry friends had a positive impact on their academic achievement, including homework and overall schoolwork.

Among the animals in the study, pet chinchillas were shown to have the highest influence on the cleverness of the children who owned them. Furthermore, almost half of the kids felt that they were happier because of their pet ownership. One third felt that they were calmer because of their animal buddies.

Other studies clearly show that caring for an animal such as a pet chinchilla can bring pleasure to an entire family, including both children and parents. Furthermore, taking care of animals that have careful care needs such as in the case of chins (while supervised by an adult, of course) can boost a child’s sense of responsibility and make him or her more caring, nurturing, compassionate, and self-confident.

This was supported by the study, as 36 percent of kids said that they felt more caring and 34 percent felt that they had a greater sense of responsibility because of their furry critter friends. The study even showed that pet chinchillas can help children to improve their ability to speak with other people.

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