Chincilla Accessories, Nests & Cozies


Chinchilla Accessories, Cozies and Huts

Super Pet Roll A Nest

A perfect snuggling spot for your chinchilla.

Oxbox Timothy Chinchilla Lounger

All natural and a completely edible nesting place!

Super Pet Grassy Hut

It's the ideal spot for your pet to rest and nest!

Ware Nest-N-Nibble Nest For Small Pets

All natural nesting place for your happy family!

Super Tropical Fiddle Sticks

Can be twisted into fun shapes creating new hiding places!

Super Pet Giant Igloo

Washable large pet igloo - Measures 16'' L x 12'' W x 8.25'' H

Super Pet Chin Chiller Chilling Stone

Granite stone is naturally lower in temp providing a cool resting spot!

Super Pet Igloo - Assorted Colors

You can see your pet inside.

Super Pet Chinchilla Hut

Made from pine and safe for chewing!

Gnawsome Chinchilla Hut

Comes with 6 free fruitflavored chew toys!

Super Pet Feretail Super Sleeper Com-F-Cube

Cozy nesting and hiding place for pets.

Super Pet Grassy Mat

Safe for your pet to chew on!

Super Pet Critter Cuddle Cup

Ultra soft and cuddle - Machine Washable

Super Pet Sleeper Tent

Hanging Sleeper for small pets

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