Chinchilla Cage Catalog

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Clearance Item - 1 level chinchilla home

My First Chinchilla Home

Deluxe Critter Playhouse

Lightweight and Easy

My First Large Small Pet Home

The ultimate starter home

Small Pet Home

Activity Home for Small Pets

4 Level Home

Chinchilla 4 Level Home

Guinea Pig Home

Chew-proof cage design

Double Unit Home

Fully Loaded Double Unit

Ware Manufacturing 4 Level Home

Four-level indoor hutch with removable floor

Super Deluxe 3 Level

Fully Loaded Deluxe 3 Level

Prevue Pet 4 Story Pet Home with Rolling Base

With Rolling Base

Clean Living 6 Level Cage

See our product review on this chinchilla cage

Large Playpen

Battle in cage boredom