Food and Treats

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Forti-Pro health Diet

Food contains DHA OMEGA-3 to help Support Heart, Brain & Visual Functions

Zupreem Chinchilla 3lb Bag

Daily Diet Promotes Healthy Coat

Kaytee Fiest Food

A complete mixture of fruits, nuts, veggies, specialty seeds & more!

Nutriphase Chinchilla Formula

Alfalfa meal which aids in the natural digestive process

Oxbox Deluxe Chinchilla Food

We use farm-fresh alfalfa hay!

Supreme Charlies Chinchilla Diet

High in fiber, low in fat and easy to digest!

Mazuri Chinchilla Diet

Hard pellets are clean and easy

Ntriphase Gold Chinchilla Formula

Nutritionally fortified, gourmet daily diet your Chinchilla will love!

Sun Seed Natural Chinchilla Food

Natural Diet for chinchillas in all stages of their life

Fiesta Cranberry/Rasin Yogurt Chips

Fortified fruit flavored yogurt treats

Forti-Diet Honey Treat Sticks

Forti-Diet Honey Treat Sticks

Fiesta Fiest Treat Jar

Blend of seeds and carefully selected fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Brown's Extreme Fruit and Nut Treats

All natural crunchy nuts, fruit and so much more!

8 in 1 ecotrition Bites

Grain and hay are mixed to form into a bite sized treats

Natural Bark N Bites

Trims and cleans teeth

Mineral Charm Chews for Small Pets

Combo treat and teeth sharpener

Fiesta Fiesta Medley Treat Stick

Fiesta Fiesta Medley Treat Stick

Nutriphase Mineral Chews - Fruit Flavored

Healthy and tasty mineral source and it's fun too!

Vitakraft Danelion Drops Treats

Dandelion based snacks are Nutritious

FM Brown's Timothy Hay Yogurt Yummies

Creamy wholesome snack reward

Ware Salt Lick Treats

Provides essential salt - A Great Treat!

Nutriphase Natural Nibblers Bark Chew

Helps with chewing fixation

Ware Fruit Twig Nibblers

Naturally flavored fruitwood sticks covered with crunchy bark

Apple Orchard Stick Treats

Apple Orchard Sticks are made from real apple trees

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