Toys, Wheels, Balls & Tunnels


Chinchilla Toys, Balls, Wheels and Tunnels

Lee's Jumbo Kritter Krawler

Provides plenty of room for your chinchilla to play in.

Super Pet Mega Run About Ball

Biggest ball avaiable anywhere!

Super Pet Silent Spinner Wheel

Wheels are super silent! Also available 6.5 and 4.5 in size

Oxbow Timothy Tunnel

Made with 100% Natural ingredients for safe chewing

Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel for Small Pets

It goes crinkle and crackle - great amusement for your pet!

Super Pet Rollin The Hay

Hay dispenser and fun toy for your chinchilla

Ware Large Flying Saucer Wheel

Safe and Silent - Special squeak free design

Super Pet Knot Nibbler - Mini & Small

All natural wood, safe for chewing with a surprise nut inside!

FM Brown's Herb's n Hay Edible Tunnel

Excellent for play, sleep and eating!

Super Pet Comfort Wheel

A solid running surface provides a safe running experience

Ware All Natural Mini Ball with Bell

Perfect for playtime and safe for chewing

Super Ferret Tunnel

Great for small animals to scurry around in

Super Pet Lava Bits

Keep your chinchilla's teeth in excellent health with chew bits!

Super Pet Run About Ball

Available in assorted colors from small to large

Super Lava Swing

Promotes jumping exercise and good for chewing all in one!

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